Russian In America is one of the largest information portals in USA for Russian-speaking population. 

It’s not a secret for anyone that there are quite many Russian-speaking citizens in US, and approximately 180 mln. people in the whole world consider Russian to be their native language. Information portal “Russian in America” has just been created to help Russian-speaking population residing in the United States of America. Our main purpose is to create a catalogue of all Russian companies and businesses located in the USA. Its convenient structuring will provide an easy search by state or by the company’s field of activity.

We wanted the information portal Russian in America to be not only practical and useful but also interesting for the visitors, that is why its educational and entertaining part contains a wide variety of articles on different topics (which you can find in “Articles” section), as well as various information about the United States which can be useful both to those who are only going to move to the US and to the Russian-speaking population already living here (you can find it in “USA” section). “Advertising” section of our website will allow the visitors to post and view the advertisements by states.