Berry smoothie

Long winter makes everyone want to cleanse the body, but what products work best for this? Below is the list of the products that will help to detoxify and dehydrate your body.

Photo of beans

Fresh blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants including chlorogenic acid, which is known for its anti-cancer properties. Blueberries also contains a large amount of pigment anthocyanin, which gives the berry its color. Antioxidant power is measured in ORAC units (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), and blueberries received the highest number of ORAC units than any other fruit or vegetable. 

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Our crazy world is full of stress, and stress is considered to be one of the main reasons that lead to various diseases and problems. Below is the list of apps for your gadgets that will help to reduce or avoid stress.

Lady, tearing the photo apart

Do you think that only big problems in the family can lead to a divorce? According to psychologists small problems and habits that irritate may cause troubles for couples. What are the habits that may fall relationship apart?

Working place at home

We have heard a lot and talked a lot about an increasing number of people who choose to work at home. And for those who work from home, it is important to create truly working conditions.

Sky Bar in Bangkok, on the roof of 63-storey building

The roof is not always only a roof. Very often, homeowners are turning it into a real attraction. Nobody will be surprised by beautiful roofs, where plants grow or recreation area is located. But what else can you turn your roof into?

A note with "Love you" written on it

February is coming and this month is considered to be the month of love and romance.

Photo of apples

Nowadays more and more nutritionists and dietitians say that one of the most correct and most efficient nutrition systems is a system based on the age category.