Career ladder

There are plenty of reasons to start a second career. But what is the first step to consider?

Photo of the money saved

Everybody nowadays is speaking about the importance of healthy way of life and wellness. But many times our healthy habits go hand in hand with money. Less money we spend, healthier we are. For example, smoking…less we smoke, less money spend on cigarettes, much better we feel

Photo of a woman scared of flying

First of all, less fear and more travel. This should be the motto of those who actually are afraid of planning a trip.

A girl sleeping on scales

If you do not like workout in the gym but want to have tightened figure, then these tips are for you. Of course, they do not replace your full training, but somehow will help to improve your figure.

E-mail etiquette

Emails are the most common way of communication among companies, partners and countries. That is why professionals need to keep in mind that there are special rules of the emails.

A woman happy in winter

Winter is a time when it is very easy to fall into hibernation, but we have prepared several tips for you that will help you to stay active and feel happy, even in winter.

Photo of healthy food

It's not a secret that our body needs different nutrients at the age of 15 and 40 years. Therefore, it is very important to have a complete and healthy diet for our bodies according to the age category.

A happy family

Searching for answers to this question, the author of the famous book "Secrets of Happy Families," Bruce Feiler has met with hundreds of families who consider themselves successful.