Photo of numerous planes

Budget airlines or airlines-discounters are attractive for several reasons.

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You may be surprised to learn that the gastro-intestinal diseases, including bloating, gas and abdominal cramps in women occur six times more often than in men.

A lady with an unsmiling sign in her hand

Psychologists have named four kinds of personalities that suit best of all for a travelling or a trip.

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Flu season has come and every person wants to know how to protect your health. Of course vitamins play an important role for a healthy living. That’s why we have prepared the list of fruits that will help you to fight flu.

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Does an extra hour of sleep change our life? Today experts and scientists will help us to understand. The British company BBC conducted an experiment, which involved two groups of people.

Family in a car

Road trip! Great idea, but not so good if a road trip is planned with the kids? It’s a good idea if it is properly planned. Experts advise following some of the tips that will help you ease the trip.

To the list of the most attractive and sexiest women's professions such profession as flight attendants, nurses, and strict teachers were included long time ago. But what are the most attractive and sexiest professions of nowadays?


Which parent does not want his child to be intelligent and be successful at school? Constant help and support of parents are important for a child’s well-being at school, but also nutrition is important.