Blood Red Mirror, Gerhard Richter

If you think that the picture of Malevich "The Black Square" is absurd and not logical, then you need to look through the list we present to you today. These pictures are worth millions, but in the opinion of many they are not worth a single drop of attention. Many of these paintings are considered simply absurd

A sculpture Created by Mattia Trotta

We offer you to take a look at amazing art created by the sculptor named Mattia Trotta. He creates his sculptures out of wire and iron chains. Mattia was born in 1980 in Savona. His mechanical education has helped him to become familiar will all the characteristics of metals. Art has captured Trotta in 2002. Through the sculptures he tries to share his own vision of the world. Mattia creates not only exhibition and personal projects but also is known for creating beautiful theatrical scenery. Mattia Trotta considers himself to be a master of his work, because he has perfect knowledge about metals.