Longwood Gardens are situated 120 miles from Washington (or 150 from New York) in a cozy little town Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Russian speaking tourists have named this place DuPont Gardens. Although these beautiful gardens were bought by DuPont in 1906 in order to save the forests from being cut down and that was he who opened greenhouses and fountains there, but for most Americans these gardens are still Longwood Gardens.

Fountains and fireworks show
These beautiful gardens are open to visitors all year round and a variety of activities are held there constantly. One of such events that attract tourists from all over the world is the beautiful fountains and fireworks show.
This event is held in the gardens five times a year, in order to get there, you nee to purchase a special ticket and plan your trip according to the schedule that can be found on the Longwood Gardens’ website. Magnificent fireworks are held to various kinds of music from classic music to the tunes from the famous blockbusters, against the background of fountains that are light up in time with music. This fantastic event is popular both amongst Americans and tourists from all over the world. Every show is visited by incredible number of people. Fireworks show begins at 9 p.m., but around 7 p.m. you won’t be able to find a place. Half an hour before the event it’s actually not possible to find a place from which you’ll be able to see the fireworks and fountains. The best way out is to come early and enjoy the gardens and find a comfy place for the event. The show lasts half an hour, so we recommend bringing a chair or something to sit on with you.

Wonderful gardens
Of course, beautiful fountains and fireworks show fascinates and attracts a lot of people to Longwood Gardens, but don’t forget about the splendor of the gardens. Magnificent paths surrounded by the bizarre form bushes, incredible greenhouses, fountains won’t leave you indifferent. You can also enjoy the beauty of the pools with lotuses or lilies which are on display near the fireworks show site. Beautiful and delicate flowers of the day and night lilies surrounded by huge leaves; it seems that you can just step on these big circles, but in fact they are incredibly delicate. Some of these magic flowers bloom only at night, so you should visit the gardens before and after dark. There is an opportunity to visit the park after dark, in summer the gardens are open for visiting until 10 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday. In open greenhouses you will find a variety of sections, separated by climatic zones from tropical to desert.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of stunning gardens and take part in one of the world's best fireworks and fountains show, you need to visit Longwood Gardens.



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