The park is situated in the central part of Sierra Nevada in California, and it can be proud of its unique attraction – a fiery waterfall. Yosemite Park is situated less than 3 hour-drive from the city of San Francisco and nearly six-hour drive from Los Angeles. Three wilderness areas are adjacent to Yosemite: the Ansel Adams Wilderness to the southeast, the Hoover Wilderness to the northeast, and the Emigrant Wilderness to the north.

Yosemite National Park is an interesting place with unique groves of sequoias. There many crystal-clear lakes are situated here as well as numerous large and majestic waterfalls. But the most amazing and spectacular attraction of the park is a firefall that’s called Horsetail Fall. Throughout the year this waterfall isn’t really remarkable, except its height of 650 meters. But since February the waterfalls turns out into the firefall, because the sun sinks low in the sky, the waterfall glows with streaks of gold and yellow that looks just like molten lava.

Waterfalls are very beautiful attractions, but streams of lava make your heart jump out. Besides beautiful and colorful water a constant rainbow is hanging over the abyss and pleases the visitors. Yosemite’s firefall is very beautiful, scary, magic and astonishing at the same time.




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