The issue of climate change itself is quite controversial, but in spite of this, the researchers argue that such changes may result in the disappearance or significant increase in the price of products that we love.

It should be said that coffee producers already sounded the alarm, saying that the quality of the most popular Arabica coffee has changed for the worse significantly. Recently coffee shoots increasingly affected by the fungus. Many experts of the coffee industry say that change of the taste has already take place.

It should be said that most of the cocoa beans, which are used in the manufacture of chocolate are shipped from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. But even here the temperature changes take place. Scientists tend to believe that by 2030, the temperature in the region will be increased by one degree Celsius and in 2050 by 2.3 degrees. It should be said that even a small increase in temperature can slow the growth and maturation of the crop.

Sea products
Active people’s livelihood contributes to changes in the chemical composition of the water of the oceans, but also increases its temperature. This leads to the fact that the reduced number of marine creatures, and also changes the way of fish migration. This may lead to the fact that the haul in some countries may be reduced. The first countries that will suffer from this phenomenon are Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines and China.

Bakery products
The prices on bread, pasta can begin to go up rapidly. Since the wheat from which they are made, does not like the heat, and in recent years, in countries where it is grown, there has been a constant increase in temperature. Scientists believe that, while maintaining a similar trend, in 2050 by a quarter less wheat will grow.

Kinds of grapes that are used for the production of the most popular wines are very sensitive to temperature changes. The temperature increase in 2-3 degrees by 2050 could lead to the fact that the volume of grapes, which is required for the wine industry, will be reduced by 73%. It is quite possible that in 40 years the wine will be a delicacy on our tables.

M. Petrova