Holiday Treats

May be it is difficult to believe but there are real treats that you can eat during holidays without being scared to lose your great shape.

A woman with a mirror

Of course, everybody of us would agree that age is how you feel yourself and how good you feel mentally, physically and emotionally. The way of life is directly related to the mechanisms of aging of our body. But it is worth saying that the experts tend to believe that the fight against aging is possible. Just begin this fight right now

A lady holding a strawberry in her teeth

We have heard a lot about the products than negatively affect the state of our teeth, but what about the products that, on the contrary, help to preserve the beauty of our teeth?

A slim girl with a measuring tape

The consumption of 1,800 mg of calcium a day will help to block the absorption of about 80 calories. Drink skim or 1% milk, add it to coffee and enjoy your white coffee

A girl sleeping on scales

If you do not like workout in the gym but want to have tightened figure, then these tips are for you. Of course, they do not replace your full training, but somehow will help to improve your figure.

A lady strengthening her nails

Attractive and soft hands have always been the standard of grooming. What to do to get your hands look even more well-cared? The answer is simple - the well-cared and strong nails

A girl with a young skin

What foods will help you to look younger and increase your defensive properties against skin cancer?

A girl choosing her outfit

Be careful choosing your outfit; especially try not to make mistakes, which are set out below. 10. Bra straps are constantly falling down One of the mistakes many women make is bra straps that are constantly falling down. Experts advise to choose strapless bras or those which straps are crossed at the back for open shirts and dresses