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If you do not like workout in the gym but want to have tightened figure, then these tips are for you. Of course, they do not replace your full training, but somehow will help to improve your figure.

Set goals

Set goals that you can achieve over the next week. For example, if you are walking about 2 km in the evening, increase this distance to 2.5 km.

Walk more

Try not to go by car or by public transport better walk. If you are traveling to work by car, try to park it away from the office in order to have a nice morning or evening walk.

Stand more

Choose not to sit during performing different tasks. When you talk over the phone or when you go somewhere by public transport choose not to sit during this ride.

Stairs are better

If you need to go upstairs, choose the stairs, not the elevator. Experts say that a seven-minute walk up the stairs burns about 40 calories.

Do not use the services of cleaning companies

Try to clean your house yourself. Such exercises for an hour will burn a lot of calories.

Communicate with friends

Try not to use the phone, Skype or the Internet to communicate with friends. Meet, have walks, spend that time in active communication and lose extra pounds.

Exercise at work

Do you have a lunch break? Take a walk in the fresh air. Firstly, it will help to freshen up, and secondly, walking helps to burn calories. Also do not forget to warm-up at work. Every 30-40 minutes do little exercises, warm up the neck, arms, legs and your back.

Do not consider these tips too easy for you, because their implementation requires some additional effort and time. Be patient and diligent and maybe soon you'll want to go even to the gym.

лю. Petrova