Photo of dehydrated skin

Dehydration of the skin is a process which causes a loss of moisture in the skin tissues. This happens due to various factors and may lead to skin dryness, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Photo of the money saved

Everybody nowadays is speaking about the importance of healthy way of life and wellness. But many times our healthy habits go hand in hand with money. Less money we spend, healthier we are. For example, smoking…less we smoke, less money spend on cigarettes, much better we feel

Photo of smoothies

Winter is the season when our organism needs the nutritional boost. Here are several recipes of smoothies that are packed with vitamins and minerals for your health. These receipts are very easy and these smoothies are quick to prepare.

Photo of healthy food

It's not a secret that our body needs different nutrients at the age of 15 and 40 years. Therefore, it is very important to have a complete and healthy diet for our bodies according to the age category.

Photo of an apple  with a measuring tape

The food does not necessarily make us fat and incapable. Many of the products can help us to lose extra pounds that bother us. The first in the list of such products is salmon.

Photo of lemons and water with lemon

Everyone knows that the liquid promotes weight loss. But if you add lemon to the water then you will be able to get rid of extra pounds quicker.

Photo of nuts

In most cases, the nuts are not considered a main food, but one of the additives. But in reality, they are very nutritious and contain antioxidants, oils, vitamins and minerals.

Photo fo coffee

New research suggests that coffee is good for your health, but even more new studies assert the contrary. The impression is that the studies related to coffee contradict each other.