Photo of bread

Nowadays people pay much attention to nutrition and healthy lifestyle. But we also need to pay attention to the products that are in our fridge.

Photo of an apple

Flu season has come and every person wants to know how to protect your health. Of course vitamins play an important role for a healthy living. That’s why we have prepared the list of fruits that will help you to fight flu.

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Holiday time is coming and today we need to take care of your figure in order to look great during holidays and also after them. Dieticians and nutrition experts recommend several rules that will help to take care for your weight.

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Does an extra hour of sleep change our life? Today experts and scientists will help us to understand. The British company BBC conducted an experiment, which involved two groups of people.

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Many people know the importance of a healthy digestive system. When our internal organs are functioning normally, our skin, hair looks just fine, and a happy smile shines on our face.

Giving up smoking

Causes of headaches can be most unexpected. But doctors and specialists have detected several the most common reasons that include also food that cause headaches. Here are some of the most common.

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You may be surprised to learn that the gastro-intestinal diseases, including bloating, gas and abdominal cramps in women occur six times more often than in men.

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Autumn has come, besides that it is a very beautiful time of the year; it is the time of cold, cough and flue. How can we protect ourselves from these diseases?