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Show me a person who has never heard of or did not think about the calories. Calories, in fact, represent information that reveals all the secrets of food value of the products


Scientists from the University of Arkansas found that 2% college-age women already have the first signs of osteoporosis. Moreover, 15% of women who have seen the depletion of bone density can become sick. Adults younger than 50 years need about 1000 mg of calcium and vitamin D, K and antioxidants per diem

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Needless to say that on the health and proper functioning of the thyroid gland depends the work of all the major body systems. What do you need to eat in order to maintain the health of the thyroid gland?

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Experts advise after waking to drink a glass of water in order to restore the skin after sleep. Experts also say that you need to add a slice of lemon in your glass of water, because the lemon juice stimulates the release of toxins by the liver, and the water stimulates the removal of toxins

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This is needed due to the fact that the fiber, which is part of the fruit and vegetables, differs in structure from one contained in the cereal products. Dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables is associated with the absorption of toxic substances, and cereal fiber helps to clean the intestines and promotes the absorption of fatty acids

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The most natural means, such as grounded coffee, will help you in this matter. If you have sensitive skin, mix coffee with shower gel, cream or honey. Apply it on your body and then the peel in a circular motion, after applying leave it for 2-3 minutes on the body in order all the nutrients to be absorb into the skin, and then do a little massage and rinse the peeling

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What vitamins are able to maintain the beauty and health of your skin? Summer is the best season for stocking up with these helpful vitamins

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If we talk about the books written on this subject, they are great many of them, but one book can be distinguished from others, it is P. Bragg's book "Miracle of Fasting." The author of this book is not a professional writer, in his book he only described what he had been practicing for many years. Readers are advised to start with one day of fasting or 36-hour fast, then move on to the three-day.