Photo of a girl wearing roller-skates

Summer is a time of year when it’s great to go info sports out of doors and not in the gym. Here are some summer activities that will help you to keep your figure in excellent shape

Photo of weight scales

In order to lose 10 pounds of fat, you need to eat daily 100 calories less. If you drastically reduce the amount of calories, you can undermine your energy level and increase your hunger, making you more susceptible to bouts of anger and aggression

Photo of sugar in someone's teeth

Many Western studies suggest that every fourth adult is in the pre-diabetic state, when glucose levels in the blood are higher than normal but not yet high enough to talk about diabetes. If you do not start taking care of your health, if you do not watch your weight, and if you do not change the diet, then in 10 years these patients may develop Type II diabetes, which is currently incurable

Photo of a girl with problematic hair

Summer is a time when our well-groomed and shiny hair fades in the sun and becomes brittle and dry. Why is it happening and how to deal with this problem?

Different colors

Color therapy has its roots far back in time. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used color as a tool in their healing temples. Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda practices used color during treatment. Currently, color therapy is widely used in a variety of practices and methods

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When it comes to the battle of the sexes in this matter, women are winners. According to experts, women need to sleep for 20 minutes more than men. And all is due to the fact that, as a rule, women are characterized by multi-tasking that is why their brain needs more time to rest


There are useful products that we do not use because of the taste, but there are, on the contrary, products that are not very useful, but to which we are drawn. We should be very careful while choosing the food that we eat


Instead of using nutritional supplements in your diet, you are advised to get acquainted with foods that contain vitamins and minerals in abundance. Some may surprise you. And some can be already in your refrigerator