Sensa - the Dr. Hirsch Diet

It goes without saying that conversations about losing weight and the most effective diets will always be topical, or at least till the scientists invent super weight loss pills.

There are so many diets that fit every taste, and it’s difficult to imagine that something new can be invented, but scientists work… Not a long time ago Dr. Alan R. Hirsch has invented new method. The Hirsch diet was created by psychiatrist and neurologist, the director of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, so Dr. Hirsch proposed to use our sense of smell to help with losing weight.Alan Hirsch and medical experts study the sense of smell and how it affects not only physical but also emotional and psychological reactions.

Not only medical doctors but also witch doctors during the centuries were using smells to cure diseases, restore physical strength and remove the hoodoos. A lot of information about herbs can be found in ancient medical treatises, herbs that brace up the body or vice versa that depress or give extra energy and strength.

It goes without saying that our five senses are somehow related. While breathing the stream of air runs high to the nasal vault. Part of the air goes to the nasal fossa. There are 10 million different receptor cells that are situated in the nasal fossa; these cells fish out of the air odorant molecules passing the information to the brain. According to the Hirsch’s theory, the secret of the influence of smells on the functions of our body lies in the connection of the olfactory receptors with the brain centers.

Has it ever happened to you when you’ve just had a meal and feel satisfied but the smell of a new dish captivates you and you can’t resist the temptation to try it? The same happened to Dr. Hirsch and he realized that if there are smells that stimulate the appetite, there are smells that depress it.

Over three years the scientist spent on searching for the odors that help to depress the appetite. New odors that were found were tested on volunteers. The research showed 15 odors that worked. The most popular amongst them are lavender odor, rose, banana, mint and apple odors. This method works very simply: once you smell the odors your hunger will be gone within seconds.

Sensa will help to moderate your appetite.

Dr. Hirsch has been studying patients who have lost their ability to smell because of illness or severe traumatic brain injuries for 20 years. While researching he has noticed that many of these patients recovered after everything that had happened. This happens because of the defect work of the olfactory and gustatory receptors, a person loses the ability to control his appetite. And at the same time, there are almost imperceptible odors which make us feel hungry. Sensa is a product that has been created by Dr. Hirsch to fight with hunger and big appetite. Sensa crystals you are supposed to sprinkle on top of anything you eat. The crystals help to eat smaller portions and do not feel hungry.

One of the main reasons of the overweight is impossibility to enjoy fully the smell of food you eat. During the odor analysis saturation center in the brain eventually receives a false signal of fullness. Of course you can’t be loaded up only with odors, but odors help to eat less and to lose weight, or at least not to add it. In order to lose weight you need to smell aromatic oils. You can use special balloons that help to preserve the odor. A mint pot in the kitchen will also be of a great help.

The scientist has been so interested in the odor world that has found odors that trigger sexual desire.

During the experiment, women were given to smell different odors. After one minute of inhalation they had a two minute break. The highest rates were shown by the odors of bread, chocolate, baby powder and cucumber and not rose or lavender odors as expected by the scientists. Dr. Hirsch is sure that odors have a particular impact on woman’s arousal.

Similar studies were held on men. They smelled such odors as cake, pastry, rose, musk, lily of the valley, “Channel #5” etc. The result of the study was more than surprising. The first place was taken by the smell of cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie.

Such experiments can be carried out at home but there shouldn’t be alcohol or nicotine odor present. Otherwise nothing will work out.