A happy lady working at the office

We all know that office work negatively affects both our psychological and physical health. More and more facts approve this statement. Computer strains your eyes, your body stays in the uncomfortable position for the whole day, constant stress and unhealthy diet affects the body. It goes without saying that all these factors significantly worsen our health.

You are to find time for at least a minimal workout. Try to get up more often, go up and down the stair. A man spends a lot of time sitting and using the elevator. It’s better to drink juice or mineral water instead of coffee. Each person should drink at least two liters of water per day, and coffee is not the best substituent for this.

Eat less junk and fatty food and in the next few days you will feel much better.

Fruits and nuts are great to snack with.

Don’t forget that your work clothes should be made of natural fabric. Beautiful shoes are stylish, it goes without saying, but work shoes should be comfortable. Shoes influence your mood…While wearing uncomfortable shoes you will feel tired and it’s not the feeling you want to start your day with.

Decorate your table with the pictures of your family and beloved people, of course if your company allows. Pictures will make your workplace more comfortable and pleasant. Add some small things that are dear to your heart. Buy a beautiful pen, a funny pencil, a colorful notebook or flowers in a pot, etc. To cut a long story short, use your imagination and your work will bring more delight.

It’s important not to forget about the hygiene of your workplace. Sitting in the piles of dust is not nice and harmful.

Office work can be very nervous and stressful but showing your emotions at the workplace is at least not professionally. The easiest way to calm down is to count to ten.

Try to tune yourself on a positive day in the morning when you get out of the bed. Be sociable and smile a lot. Try not to focus on the details. Any job has something pleasant and interesting to do.

It will be much easier to work if you have good rest during weekends. It’s great to love your work but don’t turn into a workaholic who spends half of his life in front of the computer and doesn’t see anything except work. Leave time for your family, for an interesting and exciting hobby. If you are sick, stay at home and take a sick leave. That cold may sap your health which should be taken care about.

Doctors recommend once every 20 minutes have a break and take off your eyes from the monitor. If there is a possibility, come up to the window and look out of it, let your eyes to relax.

These simple tips will help you to change your health for better and reduce stress both at work and after it.