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Fiber - this is a tool that will help you lose weight, but you will not feel hungry.

Fiber satisfies and cleans

• Fiber helps to improve saturation. Experts have also shown that the more fiber is contained in the product, the faster your body becomes saturated.

• Fiber helps to improve digestion and helps to cleanse the body. It also helps to absorb harmful substances, such as toxins, cholesterol and other fatty acids.

• Foods containing fiber are low-calorie.

How much fiber do you need?

The daily requirement for fiber is 25-30 grams, and for people who want to lose weight - 40. It is worth noting that the 40 grams is to be obtained from different sources: vegetables and whole grains.

This is needed due to the fact that the fiber, which is part of the fruit and vegetables, differs in structure from one contained in the cereal products. Dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables is associated with the absorption of toxic substances, and cereal fiber helps to clean the intestines and promotes the absorption of fatty acids.

An important point: these 40 grams you need to obtain from a variety of sources - like vegetables and whole grains.

Important rules of eating fiber

• 30-40 grams of fiber a day (3-4 tablespoons). This way, your body will get 16-18 grams of fiber, for the most part – rough fiber.

• The types of brans should be different: Add not only wheat and rye brans, but also oat brans.

• Drink a lot of water. If you decided to eat bran, you necessarily need to increase fluid intake because it can cause constipation. During the day, experts recommend drinking 2 liters of water, which is 8 glasses.

• Gradually increase the amount of bran in the daily ration. Start with 10 grams and gradually, every two or three days, increase your daily rate by 5-10 grams.

М. Petrova