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Scales with an apple and a hamburger on them

Show me a person who has never heard of or did not think about the calories. Calories, in fact, represent information that reveals all the secrets of food value of the products.

Recent studies of U.S. Department of Agriculture showed that the assessment of caloric foods is incorrect, and the effect of saturation, which is associated with calorific value of products, depends largely on psychological factors.

It is worth noting that the calculated calorific value is based on the heat decomposition of the product. But not all calories are used by the body, because not all the food is digested. From calorific value of the foods should also be subtracted the energy of food that goes to the chewing of the product.

In order to take into account all these details, the researchers conducted very complex calculations.

For example, to participate in one of the latest studies have been invited 18 volunteers who offered specific diet for 3 weeks. After 10 days from the beginning of the experiment to the daily ration of the probationers were added different types of nuts. During the experiments the scientists carefully monitored the urine and feces.

Experts managed to set the number of calories that are not used by the body. As a result, the researchers concluded that the common caloric content of different types of nuts does not correspond the reality.

For example, the calorific value of pistachios was overstated at about 5%, and almond at all 20%.

In another study, the researchers studied the psychological aspect of calories.

52 people participated in the experiment, which were given to drink cherry drink. The scientists first tried to convince people that this drink in the stomach begins to harden, and at a later stage of the research, scientists have stated that the same drink remains liquid in the stomach.

The people who were told that the drink is solidified, this drink was giving a greater sense of satiety. And the percentage of calories that were absorbed was decreased in the other variant.

This phenomenon is called by scientists the phenomenon of cognitive manipulation.

So it is advised to count your calories wisely, and do not lose a life, counting these hapless calories!

лю. Petrova