Photo of green, yellow and red bell pepper

Nowadays many nutritionists say that the main problem in many countries is obesity, which brings into the lives of people suffering, detachment from the world, as well as serious health problems.

That's why we decided to pick up the recipe of a very interesting and not complicated diet, which is very popular and is paying off, making people happier. We hope that it will also suit you.

About the diet

It should be said that the basis of the diet is composed by vegetables that can be found in every market and supermarket, namely green cucumbers, red tomatoes and yellow bell peppers.

According to the experts yellow color improves digestion, increases metabolism in the body. But the yellow bell pepper has been selected for this diet not in vain, because it is able to saturate your body with vitamins, helps the body to fight with daily stresses. This vegetable contains a large amount of iodine, iron, carotene, calcium, magnesium and folic acid.

As for the cucumbers, they contribute to the removal of extra fluid from the body, and they are able to clean the intestines.

And tomatoes are also added to this list not by chance, because they contain a substance that helps to suppress appetite.

If you decide to prepare salads out of these ingredients, we advise you to fill them with vegetable oils, low-fat yogurt or low-fat sour cream, because for the normal functioning of the body digestible fats are much needed.

The duration of this diet is 3 days, and then it is necessary to adhere to proper diet. You should eliminate from your diet fat, fried foods, and alcohol.

You can repeat this diet in three days.

Daily ration

The first day of your diet should include green foods. This may be a cucumber salad with green peppers and lots of greenery. Also it is useful to eat avocados and drink green tea. And do not forget about cereals on this day.

The second day is yellow. Consumable products must be yellow. It may not only be yellow peppers but also a variety of yellow fruits, such as peaches, apricots and melons.

The third day is for red foods. On this day, you can not eat only vegetables and fruits that are red, but the red low-fat baked fish, shrimp, or lean beef stew.

And after the diet try to stick to a balanced diet.

And in a week you can repeat this diet.

Good luck to you in your fight against obesity.

М. Petrova