Photo of an elderly couple

Demographers’ researches show that in many rich counties of the country richest people actually live longer. Let's look at the places where people live long, securely and efficiently.

Fairfax County, Virginia
Unemployment rate: 6.7%
The average house price: $ 493 100
The average household income: $ 108 439
The average life expectancy: male 81.67, female 84.52 years
Not surprisingly, this county of former federal employees comes first in the list. One of the factors that increase the life expectancy is open access to modern medicine. The median income for a family in this county is almost twice higher than the average income around the country. Also, a higher level of physical activity and lower rates of obesity are registered in this county.

Marin County, California
Unemployment rate: 5.1%.
The average house price: $ 840 900
The average household income: $ 89 605
The average life expectancy: 85.02 female, male 81.44
This coastal district offers its residents active recreation, quick access to bank accounts, and it is number one in the ranking in terms of life expectancy for women.
Many of the residents of the county are engaged in mountain biking that was born on the hills of Mount Tamalpais. This county also features a high performance level among physically active people. Women of this county come up regularly in the top ten of the most physically active people and the least obese. This district has also high average household income, and the average home price is close to a million.

Gunnison County, Colorado
Unemployment rate: 6.8%.
The average house price: $338,100
The average household income: $50,073
The average life expectancy: 84.33 female, 81.65 male
Wealth is measured in various ways. Located in the south central part of the Rocky Mountains, Gunnison County is rich in scenic splendor and all sorts of opportunities for active recreation. Website of the County is full of images of people who go hiking, skiing and biking. This district is the second on the list of life expectancy among U.S. men. This district has two national forests, seven national nature reserves with four major hiking trails and two cycling routes.

Collier County, Florida
Unemployment rate: 6.0%.
The average house price: $317,200
The average household income: $56,876
The average life expectancy: 84.62 female
The county is located on the tropical coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and it was named one of the best places to spend the retirement here. Pensioners of this county receive very significant benefits, and it's not only the sun and citrus. In this district a lot of attention is given to programs that prolong life. But do not forget that a great amount of money is attracted to this county, and this money is contributed to the development of the district in general and life expectancy in particular.

Montgomery County, Maryland
Unemployment rate: 6.0%.
The average house price: $469,900
The average household income: $95,660
The average life expectancy: 81.57 male, 84.87 female
It looks like a small dose of politics is playing a positive role in this county. This district is the main venue and the place of introduction of new technologies in medicine and health care. The county has a low rate of obesity, high levels of physical activity and access of the rich population to high- quality health care.

М. Petrova