Photo of a girl with cold

Autumn has come, besides that it is a very beautiful time of the year; it is the time of cold, cough and flue. How can we protect ourselves from these diseases?

Garlic, garlic and one more time garlic
It’s time to open an Italian chef in you and start cooking tasty Italian meals that contain a great amount of garlic. Garlic is a product that has antiviral properties that can help to prevent colds and flue. So it’s high time to go heavy on garlic bread!

It’s a sauna time
Sauna offers more benefits than just the relaxation and recreation. Regular visits to saunas and steam baths can prevent colds. It should be said that during sweating toxins are removed from the deep tissues of the human body, which helps to detoxify the body.

Healthy sleep
We all love to sleep, but not everyone can get enough sleep. Doctors recommend going to bed early so that the body could rest for 7-8 hours. Full and regular sleep will help your body to recover and help your immune system to fight against germs.

Sip some soup
Chicken soups are useful not only during illness, but they help to prevent diseases. This soup contains substances that strengthen the cells that fight diseases. Take advantage of the free time and prepare delicious homemade soup for your entire family.

Yoghurt with probiotics
Probiotics that are contained in yogurt help to strengthen your body's immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body. Take care of your body and drink useful yoghurt in order to strengthen the immune system that fights bacteria.

Be healthy and enjoy the most beautiful season of the year.

М. Petrova