Photo of healthy food

It's not a secret that our body needs different nutrients at the age of 15 and 40 years. Therefore, it is very important to have a complete and healthy diet for our bodies according to the age category.

From 12 to 20 years

Experts have repeatedly talked about the need of calcium in this age. Calcium is the main component of the skeleton that is forming. That is why in the diet of a young person should be present dried fruits, cereals, grains and dairy products.

Moreover, such components as iron and vitamin B9, which helps the growth of the cell tissue, are very important. The main sources of this vitamin are the greens, vegetables, cereals and wholegrain cereals.

Age from 12 to 17 years is characterized by instability of the nervous system. Therefore, the diet must be enriched in magnesium, which has a soothing effect. Sources of magnesium are bananas, dates, egg yolks, mint and parsley.

From 20 to 35 years

This age is a time for growing careers that require a lot of energy and moral efforts. Vitamins B, C and E can help to rejuvenate the strengths.

For women, this period is the most important, because it is in this period many of them become mothers. During pregnancy it is necessary to pay attention to proper nutrition. More cabbage, parsley, currants and fish should be included into the daily ration.

40 years and older

This period is characterized by a decrease in the level of energy demands and fat starts to be accumulated in the body, which can lead to obesity. In turn, obesity leads to the development of such diseases as diabetes and hypertension.

In this life period experts recommend limiting fat intake, heavy meals and various smoked meats, but they recommend adding vegetable oil, nuts, cheese and sea fish into the diet. The attention should be also paid to the use of fiber and calcium.

М. Petrova