Photo of a surgery

This article will be very interesting for those who will face surgery. There is one, but very important thing these patients need to do: ask questions.

Remember that there are no improper or wrong questions that you can ask your physician about the implications of impending procedure. This is your health and you have the right to know all the pros and cons.

Your goal in the conversation with a physician is to get as much information as possible, this information should help you to make a decision whether to undergo the surgery or not.

There are five particular questions that should ask:

1. Ask the surgeon whether he is board-certified to perform the specific operation at hand.
2. Discuss with the doctor whether losing weight pre-operation might be important or healthy.
3. Ask how quitting smoking might reduce the risk of surgical complications.
4. Find out about the implications of having sleep apnea.
5. Inquire about any less invasive surgical alternatives.

Patients should also take some risk reducing steps beforehand, they need to insure that the after surgery hospital stay will be as short and pleasant as possible.

M. Petrova