Photo of a bottle of water

This question is of a great interest to many. So, how much water should you drink and do you need to drink it during an intensive workout?

Experts say that during workouts a person loses between one and one and a half liters of fluid. In order to fill this gap and to ensure the flow of oxygen to the brain and muscles, you need to drink plenty of water.

There are special guidelines on how and how much to drink water during exercises.

Firstly, you need to drink 300-500 ml of water two hours before a workout. Secondly, during training it is recommended to drink 50 ml of water every 15 minutes, or rinse your mouth with water, if you do not want to drink. And finally, after the workout a person should drink one or two glasses of water. By the way, experts do not recommend drinking plenty of water during trainings.

Remember that during workouts it is not recommended to drink juices, tea or energy drinks. Most optimal and correct drink is non-carbonated mineral water.

М. Petrova