Very often people don’t know how they have gained these horrible extra pounds. The answer is very simple - your diet, as well as your kitchen where food is stored.

Five simple rules will help to develop right habits of storing food.

1. Do not cook a lot of food, and then it just kept in the refrigerator. Better pack your fridge with fruit and vegetables. Very often we do not want to cook or do not have time too, but if we have lots of fruits and vegetables in the fridge, we will surely eat them.

2. Arrange the food in the refrigerator properly. The most energy-intensive and high-calorie food should be kept rather far off. Diet products, on the contrary, must be readily accessible.

3. Use chairs that are not very comfortable in the kitchen. Very often, we just like to sit in the kitchen and enjoy the food, but if the chair is not comfortable, then you would not want to sit on it for a long time.

4. Use small plates. The smaller your plate is, the less you will eat and the slimmer you will be.

5. Do not keep the nuts on the table, because they are high in calories and unlikely you will eat a few nuts from the plate.

М. Petrova