Do you think that you should add some exercise to your life? Sure, it’s so important to be active, healthy and happy. Regular physical activity is a key element of a healthy life style but you shouldn’t forget to eat balanced healthy food and drink enough water. You won’t get bored! There are so many workouts to choose from such as running, cycling, swimming yoga exercises, hiking, Pilates workout, walking and more. 

Healthy lifestyle

Health benefits of physical exercise 

1.Exercise is good for your Brain. Do you agree when you keep your body in motion your brain works better? Studies suggests that exercising 2-3 times a week can help to increase your memory, reduce feeling of depression, stress and even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

2  Do exercise and be happy! Study proved that exercise can increase the production of endorphins in our brain. That means you get positive feelings while doing physical activities. By the way, exercise also helps people suffering from anxiety. It’s a great way to unplug from everything and feel yourself more confident. 

3 Set a fitness goal.  If you want to burn calories and lose weight, then exercising might be the best option for you. You can choose running, swimming or any cardio exercises which provide a fast metabolism and help with weight loss. But don’t forget about a healthy food. 

4. Physical activity can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.  When people have some health problems exercise become an important part of a treatment plan. But you can start doing exercises to prevent the risk of some chronic diseases. For example, exercise helps to lower blood glucose, “bad” cholesterol and also improve your blood pressure. 

5. Feel energy!  Exercise helps you to feel better and more energetic. There are tons of activities that can raise raise your energy level: running, jumping, swimming, hiking, etc. Try exercises outdoors, during the break and whenever you feel fatigue and depressed.

6. Strong body, strong bones! Exercise will help to keep your bones and your muscles strong and lower risk of osteoporosis. Be sure, your body will thank you later.

7. Sleep better, look better! Do you know a secret?  If you want to look more toned you should exercise. As a result after exercising you can sleep better, beat insomnia and look more attractive. 

There is an endless number of health benefits of physical exercises. Keep in mind, that only regular exercise and a healthy diet will be effective for your mental and physical health. 

Sport is our life

What kind of exercise do you need? 

First of all you should choose what you really enjoy.  That means to choose the most comfortable exercise for you.  Sometimes people want to lose weight in a short time. They start running even they have some problems with their knees. As a result, they get additional problems with health. Does it worth it?  

We will try to explain you some of the benefits and disadvantages of different exercises.   

Advantages: it helps to keep your weight under control, strengthen your body. It’s good for your heart and lungs. It’s a very convenient and affordable form of exercise as you can do it outdoors.
Disadvantages: there is a risk for damage to weight-bearing joints. It’s not recommended for people who have have any heart diseases or problems with joints.

Advantages: it’s an incredible experience, you can enjoy the harmony and reunite with nature exploring the  most beautiful destinations of the world.  It’s a great aerobic activity allowing you to escape from stresses and problems of your everyday life. 
Disadvantages:You need to be in good health and physically prepared for a difficult mountain trail, etc.  


Advantages: it strengthens all your muscles and bones, helps to lose weight, increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress, improve coordination, prevent some of diseases, etc.
Disadvantages:It can be tiring to ride and lead to injuries if you are not careful on the road. In fact, there are no other disadvantages of cycling. It’s good for all ages.

Pilates workout
Advantages: it’s a perfect full-body workout that helps to develop a stronger and more flexible body. There are actually no disadvantages but you should be careful when doing any exercise. 

Advantages:  you can discover spiritual and physical benefits of yoga. There are some reasons you can’t do yoga because of serious diseases so you should see a doctor. 

Advantages: If you don’t like sit in one posture for a long time and strength your muscles, then swimming is for you. It helps you to be in shape. 
Warnings: There are no disadvantages but there are particular diseases when swimming should be restricted 

This physical activity is good for everyone. Especially walking in nature is relaxing and useful at the same time. Doctors say that walking has so many health benefits for senior people. If you have a recovery period after an injury you can start short walks. 

Sport is our life

How to learn to love exercise 

There is no clear answer how you can do it. It’s up to you! The most important thing is to understand that it’s your own health and you decide to be healthy or not.  Look at the benefits of exercise above once again! Be sure, it’s all true! You can start from small things such as cycling or walking to the shop instead of driving, etc.

You can use these 5 tips  to learn how to enjoy exercising 

1) Set a Goal. If you have a goal you can do everything! You can lose weight, improve muscle conditioning, look more attractive and be healthy. Exercise can become your habit.  One more healthy habit!Check with your doctor and then choose physical activities that are best for you.

2) Try a personal training. Your coach will inspire, motivate, ensure performing exercises correctly and help to reach your goal faster. 

3) Make a training schedule. It’s important to write down what physical activity you have for example on Monday, Wednesday, etc.  You should understand that relaxation is as important as exercising. 

4) Make a company. Encourage your family, kids or friends to exercise together. It will increase your motivation! 

Sport is our life

5) Try to distract. Make time for yourself. Do something really useful for you. Allow yourself to be healthy and full of energy! If you have a little free time, don’t waste it,  try to do exercises. 

We choose our habits! So, it's never too late to start doing sports.  Make exercise an enjoyable part of your life and remember you’re responsible for your health! 

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Author: A. Ukholova