Lady, tearing the photo apart

Do you think that only big problems in the family can lead to a divorce? According to psychologists small problems and habits that irritate may cause troubles for couples. What are the habits that may fall relationship apart?

Interior of the Apartment

Experts’ pieces of advice that we have prepared for you, won’t change your apartment radically, but they will add a little bit of charm to your apartment.

People shopping

Very often we make mistakes, while buying products in supermarkets, but we even do not notice or do not think about them. Let us, though, pay attention to these banal mistakes and their consequences.

Family in a car

Road trip! Great idea, but not so good if a road trip is planned with the kids? It’s a good idea if it is properly planned. Experts advise following some of the tips that will help you ease the trip.

Calculator with the word HELP on it

Tax season is here and people all over the country try to deduct all that is possible. Today we’ll tell you about the strangest examples of deductions which are considered to be legitimate.


Which parent does not want his child to be intelligent and be successful at school? Constant help and support of parents are important for a child’s well-being at school, but also nutrition is important.

A happy family

Searching for answers to this question, the author of the famous book "Secrets of Happy Families," Bruce Feiler has met with hundreds of families who consider themselves successful.

Newly married

How do you know that your relationship is ready for a new stage of development? Are you willing to move to a more serious level? In this article we will try to explain the principles that will help you understand the seriousness of your intentions.