A couple in disagreement

Is it normal that we are not completely honest with each other? 
According to studies, a few secrets or even a little lie is harmless. In America, 43% of men and one third of women have secrets from their spouses, and about three-quarters of respondents have lied to them. These numbers also include those couples that are considered to be happy.

A father and a son

Of course, every father knows that it’s not so simple to be a good Dad. If we love our child we try to give him all the best that we have. But are we doing everything correctly? Do we receive the results we’ve wanted to achieve? When the child becomes an adult, many fathers ask one and the same question: “Have I done everything possible and impossible?” Others, just on the contrary, are satisfied with everything. 

A smoking boy

It may be very scary to watch your child grow up. Adolescence brings many temptations… from sexual activity to drug use. What if one day you catch your child smoking? Below are some tips to keep in mind when talking to your child. 

Don’t work off on your child
First of all, any honest and useful conversation with your child depends on your attitude. Your emotional breakdown will only make the child to protect himself and nothing more. Remember to stay calm and approach the situation with all the delicacy.

A happy family

Marriage is a commitment for a lifetime. And successful marriage isn’t something that should be left for fate; it’s a very hard work. Below are 10 really golden rules of a successful marriage.

1. Be friends to each other
During the wedding ceremony you promise to be friends to each other, keep this promise. Share everything with your best friend, try to understand and support him. Do everything together, enjoy spending time with each other. Cherish your friendship.

Lying person

It’s not an easy task to raise children. Children’s questions sometimes confuse even the most experienced parent! With an answer “I don’t know!” we deteriorate child’s development, narrowing the possibilities of the child’s development. Such answers may negatively influence the future of the child, because every family knows that in raising and upbringing every detail is important.