A girl with lots of toys

The house is a place where each of us is looking for peace and tranquility. But if you have children, it is most likely that toy chaos is waiting for you at home. That is why it is very important to teach children to clean up their own toys

A girl and her arguing parents

Divorce is always stressful for the family, but especially in these situations most of all suffer children. If you made a tough decision to break up with your partner, try to act together in the interests of the child. Do not let your emotions to take over your mind, because the child is not guilty at all

A happy child

Every normal parent wishes and dreams to create for the child the most memorable and carefree childhood. But what does exactly your child need to be completely happy?

Mother communicating face to face with her daughter

In a world dominated by digital communication and social interaction, many parents worry about their children's ability to develop the communication skills that are critical for successful interpersonal relationships. 

Social skills do not have to die in the age of technology. Digital communications, such as text messages, emails, messages on social networks, more often replace interpersonal communication among peers. Kaiser Family Foundation study found out that at average, children ages 8 to 18 spend 7.5 hours a day with gadgets.

A family

Experts say that in the upbringing of the son the roles of both parents are equal. When communicating with mom boy begins to realize that women are gentle, vulnerable, sensitive and emotional. Mom helps the development of emotional and sensual side of a boy

A family

System of punishment
You are an adult in the relationship with your children, but what really does mean, it shouldn’t be the dictatorship kind of relations. You shouldn’t forbid everything, give your child a choice. Punishment or praise will follow the child’s choice. In such a way, your children learn to take responsibilities for their actions.

A happy couple

Experts say that the family is not the place for sarcasm and mockery, because these jokes can cause insult. Experts advise to talk to a partner in a respectful tone. In addition, the words "sorry" or "please" should be in the active vocabulary of your family

A quarrel

 You may not be able to prevent every quarrel but these guidelines can help to smooth minor conflicts.

Do you quarrel with your spouse about money? If so these quarrels can cause more harm than you think.

Twenty-seven percent of Americans say that disagreements over money may grow into disputes about children, work, friends, etc.