A family

Of course, genes play a huge role, but no less important is the role played by education and the family, in which the child grows. Mutual respect and harmony in the family contributes positively to the development and education of children.

The family should be an example

Before talking about the upbringing and education of the child, it must be said that the best way of education is a personal example. Your child is watching you, and in his mind the same behavioral patterns are formed.

That is why it is important for parents to monitor their behavior. The child needs to see parents who are the backbone and support of each other. A child should not see your quarrels; otherwise all your educational instruction will be fruitless, because your words will break up with your chores.

Family and the upbringing of a boy

Every woman dreams of an ideal man, that would combine the brightest men’s qualities, but not every woman is ready to develop these qualities in her son.

Experts say that in the upbringing of the son the roles of both parents are equal. When communicating with mom boy begins to realize that women are gentle, vulnerable, sensitive and emotional. Mom helps the development of emotional and sensual side of a boy.

As for the father, he should develop in the boy courage, true grit. Dad should be an example in the pursuit of sport, as well as he should talk about the importance of education.

Family and upbringing of a girl

Many people believe that it is easier to raise a girl. To some extent this is true, because the girl takes over from her the behavior of her mother. Mother’s influence is great in the upbringing of a girl.

The older becomes a girl, the more she begins to copy her mother's behavior.

As for the father, he is the first man in her life. Father should not give less time to his daughter than to his son. Girl should see in her Dad kindness, willingness to help and give.

Strong family is a family full of traditions

Raising children is simply impossible to imagine without hanging out together. Family traditions are the key to a strong family and its unity. Common interests, leisure, hobbies, sports help to unite the family. Modern life is that we spend a lot of time at work, with a minimum spent at home. But this family time should be of high quality.

М. Petrova