A happy child

Every normal parent wishes and dreams to create for the child the most memorable and carefree childhood. But what does exactly your child need to be completely happy?

1. He should feel desired
Happy child never comes into the world without a reason. He was waited and protected from the first days of life in the womb. This kid is surrounded by care and warmth that he feels.

2. A child should have both mom and dad
For a complete happiness a child he must have two parents who will take care of him. Especially important for the baby is daddy who spends quality time with him, and is a real example for their children in everything. Researches show that all children that have fathers grow up and achieve greater success in their careers and family life than those who grow up without a dad.

3. Grandparents are important
It is very important for the child to have the grandparents, who are easygoing. They support their grandchildren in everything, not correcting them and not giving such instructions as parents. Communication with the elderly people teaches children kindness and tenderness. If you do not have grandparents, let them communicate in your social circle with the people who will be appropriate to the age of your parents.

4. Don’t punish children for being naughty
Punishment is not the best method in the education of children, especially if it is a punishment for the little pranks. This way, you will not be able to grow a self-confident person. Much better to encourage good behavior, and when the child is being naughty simply try to explain why this behavior is inappropriate. Child is a little person with his own character.

5. Never tell to your child that he is bad
The kid needs to know that he's wonderful, kind, intelligent, affectionate. It is not necessary to humiliate a child, proving your superiority over him. If you call a child bad, then it will form an inferiority complex within him. It is not necessary because of improper behavior to name the child bad, better to say to the child that his behavior was wrong.

6. A child needs your attention
It is not necessary to play hourly with your child, the time spent together should be qualitative. After all, the attention is a vivid manifestation of love. If you do not spend time with the child, he may develop a sense of worthlessness and loneliness.

7. A happy child has happy parents
Parents are considered to be the greatest example to the child. If you want to grow a happy child, then you ought to be happy yourself. And don’t just pretend that you are happy, because children are very sensitive.

М. Petrova