A girl with lots of toys

The house is a place where each of us is looking for peace and tranquility. But if you have children, it is most likely that toy chaos is waiting for you at home. That is why it is very important to teach children to clean up their own toys.

Just remember that you can not teach a child to clean up toys ordering him to do so, saying that YOU SHOULD or YOU MUST! The child will not hear or understand you.

What are the rules and techniques that will help you to teach a child to clean up?

1. Be an example!
At first you need to be an example to your child showing how to clean up the toys. Don’t show that it is boring or not interesting, do it enthusiastically, and more likely your child will show the desire to help you.

2. Special houses for toys
It is important to organize the space in the children's room, using a variety of organizers and boxes. Certain “houses” should be allocated for certain toys. For example, a house for stuffed animals, a house for constructors, book house, etc. Well, the best variant to make your own “house for the toys” together with your child, or at least, decorate together the one you already have.

3. Collect toys playing
Arrange the role play during the clean up. Let the children act as cleaners, cranes on a construction site or construction site supervisors, let them clean up playing. You can also arrange a competition. Kids love the competition, and even more they love sweet prizes at the end of the competition.

4. The atmosphere during the cleaning
May be, it’s just boring for your child to clean up the toys alone. You can just sit with him, helping him or reading to him out loud. You can also turn on the music or the fairy tale your child likes. Make comfortable atmosphere in the room.

5. Praise
Praise your child, because praise is the best motivation. Encourage your child who has expressed a desire to clean the room himself. Always stay close to your children, support them, listen to them, talk to them, spend quality time with them, and then you will be able to teach your children everything!