Newly married

How do you know that your relationship is ready for a new stage of development? Are you willing to move to a more serious level? In this article we will try to explain the principles that will help you understand the seriousness of your intentions.

First of all, you are no longer trying to impress each other and make each other's experience. The biggest challenge for the relationship is the everyday life. And if people are pretending as soon as they begin to live together, all their pretense will dissolve and they will irritate each other.

But if you feel sure that you feel good together regardless of the merits or shortcomings of each other, if you're honest with each other, if you can be yourself with your partner, then you can move your relationship to a new level.

Secondly, you must learn to trust each other. Trust is not an innate sense, you need to learn to trust, and it comes with the time. In addition, in order to come to trust, you will need to overcome such feelings as jealousy, fear of losing a person, the desire to own a person undividedly.

Partners need to understand immediately that without trust they will not be able to build a strong marriage.

Another sign that you are ready for marriage is the recognition of the friendship between the partners. Sex in marriage is great, but the partners have to enjoy each other's company outside the bedroom.

You do not share finances, and use them together. This is a good sign of a strong relationship based on a complete confidence. After all, if people still have not learned how to use the budget jointly, it will simply lead to blames that one or the other partner is spending more, earning more, quarrels and accusations on this background may appear.

The last principle is based on an awareness of the concept "together forever" . Together and forever - is the main principle of a family life, and does not depend on whether you have a stamp in your passport or not. Willingness to be together regardless of difficult situations and problems is the main idea of this principle.

M. Petrova