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Family in a car

Road trip! Great idea, but not so good if a road trip is planned with the kids? It’s a good idea if it is properly planned. Experts advise following some of the tips that will help you ease the trip.

Rule #1
Never leave later than the scheduled time. Of course, the journey by car provides more flexibility, but still it is better to stick to your schedule as planned from the very beginning. Be sure to take care of the gasoline in advance and pack all the stuff in advance.

Rule #2
Things that you won’t need on the road, pack the first, and then pack everything that may be needed at the end. Prepare three packages for each of the children. In one of the packages put toys, books, food for the child, everything that this child may need during the trip. The second bag will be used for garbage, and one package must be present in case of sickness. Most often parents simply do not have time to get to a child during an attack of nausea. Explain to your child in advance what to do if it is sick, and how to use the empty package.

Rule #3
In order to have good mood during the trip, pack as many paper towels, napkins, tissues and hand sanitizers as possible. May all of these things be in easy reach. In addition, prepare blankets and pillows, as well as other favorite things that your children might need.

Rule #4
Be ready to meet with heavy traffic on the road. And sometimes the alternative roads that GPS will sow you are not the best variant for you. Experts recommend always having a paper map with you. When you are still at home, try to find out alternative routes in case the traffic on the main route will be heavy.

Rule #5
In advance schedule the time and place for a stop. Children will need time to take a rest and to run around. You need to find a good parking space for the whole of your family.

And the most important rule! Enjoy everything that will happen, enjoy the company and make it a memorable trip for your children.

М. Petrova