Interior of the Apartment

Experts’ pieces of advice that we have prepared for you, won’t change your apartment radically, but they will add a little bit of charm to your apartment.

Don’t overdo with bright colors

It should be said that nowadays pastel colors are actual, bright and neon colors are things of the past. Try to choose shades of blue, turquoise, sand or gray color when you change your interior.

Three main colors

Experts and designers say that while choosing the design of rooms you need to follow the rule: No more than three primary colors in the room!

Bright accents

Although bright colors and are not in a fashion, but bright accents should be present in the apartment. They will help to avoid anonymity and washiness in the apartment. Add bright spots in pastel colors.

Geometry is in fashion

Designers advise to pay attention to the geometric patterns, because they are back in fashion. Do not say, "No!" to zigzags and lozenges. Be brave and experiment with geometric shapes in textiles and wallpaper.

Functionality is in the foreground

Nowadays functionality is in fashion, each piece of furniture and every accessory that is present in the interior should be not only beautiful, but it has to be useful. Transformable modular furniture that can increase the size of your apartment becomes very popular nowadays.


Be sure to think about lights, because the most vivid and brave ideas may look pale and feeble, when there is not enough light in the house.

Do not turn the apartment into a warehouse

Save space and does not clutter the apartment with a lot of decor items and excess furniture.


Do not be afraid to experiment, because the best ideas are born while searching. Allow your imagination to create your dream apartment.

Be inspired

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, just look at what has been already invented. In magazines on interior design you will be able to find something that will fit you.

Get inspired and let your dreams to come true.

М. Petrova