A happy family

Searching for answers to this question, the author of the famous book "Secrets of Happy Families," Bruce Feiler has met with hundreds of families who consider themselves successful. In his book he describes in detail their secrets and ways to overcome problems.

So, how to become the very happy family?

There are several rules.

Rule 1 - Management must be adaptive

Family is a team and family life is a project that requires management. Happy families are those families who are able to adapt to changing conditions, are able to interact with each other and make common decisions.

Kids are considered to be an important part in this management. They should be considered real members of the team who have the rights and responsibilities.

Rule 2 - Talk!

This is one of the basic rules because communication brings understanding to the family. Talk, discuss news, learn about the details, and tell family stories.

Psychologists say that children, who know their family history, successful examples of relatives, as well as examples of failure, become more confident in themselves, because they know that in any case the family will support and will be there for them.

Rule 3 - Spend leisure time actively

Active pastime brings much more joy than the time on the couch. Playing with your children you create family traditions and become an example for your kids. Remembering their childhood they will also be playing with their kids.

A variety of board games will bring the family together. While playing together you create a renewable happiness, the one that can be easily repeated.

And do not forget that family and happiness of the family is your choice! Start small and step by step you will come to this feeling of happiness and harmony in your family.

М. Petrova