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Tax season is here and people all over the country try to deduct all that is possible. Today we’ll tell you about the strangest examples of deductions which are considered to be legitimate.

Let’s start…

1. Moving expenses are deductible, but you need to move a pet. Everybody knows that you can write off the moving expenses if you move to another place doe a new job, but not everybody knows that your pet moving can also be included in the write-off list.

2. Whaling captains are allowed to deduct up to $10,000 for repairs of the ships, for purchasing of the equipment and other expenses which are connected with whale whaling. But remember that you need to be a Native American to whale, for all the other cultures whaling is prohibited.

3. The clarinet and music lessons are deductible if your child has an overbite. It can be deducted because it is considered to be a medical expense.

4. The cost of the swimming pool may also be deducted if it is used as a medical treatment. If swimming helps to alleviate, then the cost can be deducted.

5. If you try to give up smoking and use different methods, you should know that all of these courses and medications that help you to quit smoking are tax deductible.

6. Deductible childcare. If you are a mom who works as a volunteer in a non-profit organization, you may ask to write-off the childcare expenses. You pay to someone who babysits for you and then deduct this money.

7. Criminals have also the right to deduct. Though their business is illegal, criminals may deduct the cost of their legal defense.

8. Weight loss deduction. If you lose weight on a doctor’s prescription then you may write-off the cost of the programs and other expenses which are connected with losing weight. It is also considered to be a medical expense.

9. The cost of “exceptional” trees may be deducted from your taxes. For example, if you live in Hawaii and you have a Norfolk Pine in your yard, you may write-off the cost, because this tree is considered to be “exceptional”.

10. Drinking, smoking and using drugs are considered to be serious medical hazards, so if you decide to quit you may deduct the cost of the programs from your taxes. As for the treating drug and alcohol addiction even meals, transportation and lodging can be considered medical expenses.