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Lady, tearing the photo apart

Do you think that only big problems in the family can lead to a divorce? According to psychologists small problems and habits that irritate may cause troubles for couples. What are the habits that may fall relationship apart?

• The habit to interrupt

Interrupting really irritates and is considered to be disrespectful. What can be done about this problem? First of all, in order to resolve this situation you need to learn to listen. Listen without interrupting. Make sure that you have special days and meetings when both of the partners can talk without being interrupted. Listen and talk over all the problems.

• The habit to roll the eyes

This habit, which is very often is used by women is also considered to be dis respectful and rude. The truth is that very often people even don’t realize that they roll their eyes. Explain to your partner that this habit of his or her may cause problems. Try to help your partner to break this habit.

• The habit of not cleaning up after yourself

Very often one person from the couple is messier than the other and this may cause real problems. In some families one of the partners is driven mad by the clothes, towels or other things that are spread across the floor. What you can do is to ask your partner to clean things that irritate you most of all. Try to resolve this problem step by step, one thing after the other.

• The habit to nit pick

This is the last of the most frequent habits that fall the families apart, but it is not the least. You always need to remember that there is more than one way to do different things. Man and women do the stuff differently; you just need to realize it.

What is more important is the mutual desire to overcome the troubles. If you think your marriage is facing problems, you need to consider visiting a life coach who will help you to look at the problems from the other side.
Relationship is a hard work and we wish you luck in saving it.

M. Petrova