Photo of a handsome man

1. An average man speaks over the phone less than 30 seconds.

2. Movies more often show naked woman not man. “It depends on the kinds of the movies,” – says the female part of the population.

3. If a man goes on a vacation, he doesn’t need to take half of the closet with him. One suitcase is enough for him.

4. According to the statistics the line to the men’s restroom is 80% shorter.

5. You are able to open all the bottles and cans that you need.

6. Your friends do not care if you gain weight, they won’t stop inviting you to the parties.

7. Your butt may be of any shape, and it won’t influence whether you receive this job or not.

8. You have a lot more orgasms and all of them are real.

9. You don’t need to carry a whole bunch of different necessities. Pockets in jeans are enough.

10. TV remote, a morning newspaper and a garage is owned by you and only you.

11. You don’t need to shave almost half of the body to be nice and neat, sometimes you don’t even need to shave.

12. If you are thirty-five, nobody thinks that you are ugly or a failure.

13. Almost any personal problem can be resolved by a bouquet of flowers.

14. You think a lot about sex, and you like it.

15. You are happy with your three pairs of shoes and do are not jealous of your friends.

16. You do not care whether anyone noticed your new hairstyle.

17. During any month you don’t have these days and hormonal hurly-burly.

18. You won’t leave a gas station because it’s just kinda nasty.

19. People listen to you when you are speaking and not staring at your ballrooms.

20. You don’t need to deliver.

21. If you came to a party wearing the same cloths as the organizer of the party, nothing bad will happen, you may even become friends!