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A boy, writing a letter to God

Dear God, please let the summer stay forever.
Nadya, 4th grade

God! I ask for mind for my parents because they don’t understand me.
Zhora, 4th grade

Give me a magic wand, please, and I won’t bother you anymore.
Tonya, 2nd grade

Dear God, I ask you so that everybody, starting from my grandma and ending with elephants, were happy, fed and shoed.
Sonya, 3rd grade

Please, make my handwriting better, it will help me to write a test, and it will be easier for you to read my letters.
Garik, 2nd grade

At first I wanted to ask for a small dog, but then I thought and decided that it’s not polite to bother you on small things. You need to ask God for something important. Well, I want to ask you to help my mom to come home from work in a good mood and happy.
Galya, 3rd grade

Dear God, I really want that the one who I love, will fall in love with me. And for that I will marry her.
Sasha, 2nd grade

My granny told me that everybody comes back to earth in the body of someone. Please, I want my dog to be back to earth in my body, and I want to come back in the body of my dog, and we will play together again.
Katya, 4th grade

Dear God, please take these freckles from my face.
Alyosha, 4th grade

Please, let my granny to come back to me for Christmas.
Raya, 2nd grade

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