E-mail etiquette

Emails are the most common way of communication among companies, partners and countries. That is why professionals need to keep in mind that there are special rules of the emails.

1. Always fill in the subject line

People usually open those letters first that have subject. This sentence should be very clear and direct.

2. Use work email address

Working for a company you need to use its email address, no personal addresses including beauty@... or supermen@. Be professional. Use your name and last name for the professional email.

3. Don’t use “Reply all”- button

Use this button if you are sure that all people on the list should read this letter. In other case no one wants to read letters that are send to 100 recipients and that have nothing to do with them.

4. Don’t use a lot of exclamation marks

This can show you as an immature professional who is too emotional. Writing etiquette doesn’t allow using of numerous exclamation marks.

5. No humor

Written humor may be easily wrongly interpreted because you do not see the face or the tone. It is better not to use humorous remarks in the business letters unless you know the recipient personally and quite well.

6. Different countries have different writing rules

You need to keep in mind this point because cultural difference may lead to serious miscommunication. For example, such countries as Japanese, Chinese or Arab first of all try to get to know you before doing business, but Germans, Americans or Scandinavians do the business first and then personal communication.

7. Answer emails

Of course, you need to reply to emails as soon as possible. But it should be said that you need to reply even to those letters that were accidentally sent to you, especially if a sender awaits an answer.

Be professional!

M. Petrova