A man with the Permanent Resident Card

Needless to say that America is a country that clearly complies with the law and orders. Permanent residents of America, including, need to comply with U.S. laws. Failure of the residents to comply with the laws of the United States can lead to disastrous consequences, such as deportation, the ban on entry into the country, as well as the denial of U.S. citizenship.

There is a list of crimes that may substantially affect the immigration status of a permanent resident of the United States of America.

1. Serious criminal offenses, these include violent crimes, which include deprivation of liberty for a term of 1 year or more.
2. Murder
3. Terrorist activities
4. Sexual violence against children
5. The illicit trade in arms, drugs, people
6. Theft, fraud
7. Crimes with grievous bodily harm
8. Sexual perversions

As for the person with permanent residence in the United States, then also the following crimes may have dire consequences.

1. Deception to obtain immigration benefits for their benefit or for the benefit of another person.
2. Deception to obtain social benefits.
3. False statement that you are a U.S. citizen.
4. Vote in local and federal elections, in which permanent residents can’t take part.
5. Frequent use of drugs and alcohol.
6. Polygamy
7. Failure to comply with the judgment on the content of family or child support
8. Domestic violence.
9. Refusal to provide tax returns.
10. Failure to register in the Selective Service for men aged 18 to 26 years.
11. Promotion of illegal entry into the United States to non-natives or non-citizens of the United States.

For people who cross the U.S. border and wish to settle in this country, it is necessary to understand what it will be required to observe the law of the state and the country in general.
This is why the citizens of other countries who have green card must be law-abiding citizens. But, if you have problems with the law, we suggest consulting with a lawyer in order to eliminate any doubts on the part of migration services.

М. Petrova