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Desire to be successful is the key to success, but do not think that it will come just like that. In order to succeed you have to work. Here are main steps that will help you become a successful person.

Muhammad Ali

1. Once in his interview, Muhammad Ali said that he hated all his trainings, but continued to train. He always told himself: “Right now is the time to be patient and then the rest of your life you will spend like a champion!” 

Running people

Do you want to know where the healthiest people of America live? This list is prepared annually by the American College of Sports Medicine; experts take into account various factors such as the number of fitness clubs, golf courses, farmers' markets, as well as the access to health care.

Adriano Celentano

1. In order to be fair, at first learn how to be kind. When a person is kind, he understands that each of us is only a human being who makes mistakes.

2. Everybody has his personal family. It can be supportive or can sabotage everything. You are very lucky if you have a supporting family.

Successful People

Why some people are successful and some are not, what is the difference between them? Bellow are the principles that successful people follow. Be bold, and you will be among them

Albert Einstein

Researchers of the geniuses’ work claim that they, as a rule, were poor pupils and D students.

1. Interesting, but Voltaire's father always said that he had grown two fools, one in poems and the other in prose.

2. Isaac Newton had been for a long time the worst student until once he was beaten by one of the classmates. Holding a grudge, Newton decided to beat the bully in knowledge and in few months he became the best student in the class.

Jeffrey Life

Jeffrey Life is a 72-year-old bodybuilder. Till 60 years old he lived in New York and worked as a doctor. He was an ordinary man who at his age had diabetes, obesity and many other diseases. But one day he decided to change his life, and he did it. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is a great leader, a man of his word and a true fighter who gave an example of correct thinking and simple living. When we hear his name only such words as inspiration, honesty, non-violence and outstanding leadership qualities come to our minds. The ideas of this great man were very clear and strong, and it was enough for achieving the goals. He decided to leave his fairly successful career as a lawyer, and struggle with other fighters for independence. This person has all the qualities of a successful leader. Until now, his lessons inspire thousands of people. May be his ideas will be valuable and useful for you.