Albert Einstein

Researchers of the geniuses’ work claim that they, as a rule, were poor pupils and D students.

1. Interesting, but Voltaire's father always said that he had grown two fools, one in poems and the other in prose.

2. Isaac Newton had been for a long time the worst student until once he was beaten by one of the classmates. Holding a grudge, Newton decided to beat the bully in knowledge and in few months he became the best student in the class.

3. Chancellor of the German Empire, Otto von Bismarck studied very badly in all subjects.

4. Napoleon had bad grades in everything, except mathematics.

5. Ludwig van Beethoven was illiterate and had mistakes in writing, and he had not been able to master the multiplication and division, just like Alexandre Dumas père.

6. This example once again proves that school is not an indicator. For example, Albert Einstein, Nobel laureate and founder of the principal of relativity was a very poor student at school. His parents even said that they didn’t cherish any illusions about his future and hoped that at least he would have been able to find the simplest job.

7. Vladimir Mayakovsky studied so bad that he wasn’t able even to read "Anna Karenina" till the end.

8. Pushkin was also not the best students, and he even wept at the arithmetic lessons. At the end of school he was the second student from the end.

9. Sergei Korolev was a mediocre student but under his guidance important geophysical and ballistic missiles were created, the first satellites and spacecraft "Voskhod" and "East".

10. Chekhov twice was left in the gymnasium for the second year …

Marina Petrova