Adriano Celentano

Several life lessons from well known Adriano Celentano.

1. In order to be fair, at first learn how to be kind. When a person is kind, he understands that each of us is only a human being who makes mistakes.

2. Everybody has his personal family. It can be supportive or can sabotage everything. You are very lucky if you have a supporting family.

3. I understand very little in fetus, but I surely know that every sparkle of life should be taken care of.

4. One artist has decided to portray me on the cover of my album as a boxer. And you know, I think he guessed. Because who is a boxer? This is a man who fights. He fibs and absorbs the punches without buckling and at the same time is dreaming about a victory. Sometimes a boxer, no matter how hard he strives, he loses. And after such a fight a boxer with a plaster on his eyebrow asks a question: “May be I dream in vain?”

5. No matter what you created or invented, in the world will always be someone who has created this before you. The main thing is to do it better than someone else.

6. I guess I’ve always felt as if I’m a rich person who can lose everything for the sake of ideal.

7. The only way to teach politicians again to be wise and honest is to assign a poet or a philosopher to them.

8. Don’t even try to understand everything. Believe me, it’s much more interesting this way.

Marina Petrova