The Ellensburg Rodeo

The Ellensburg Rodeo is one of the oldest rodeos, and it is held in the state of Washington. The rodeo has won its place in the Top 25 rodeos of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and in America’s Top 10 professional rodeos

A man on the top of the mountain

Sometimes the time comes when it seems that we have no more strength to move on. We want to give everything up and run away to distant lands, especially when we do not see the results of our work. But still you can not give up

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If you are thinking about how to reduce the list of necessary duties, pay attention to the fact that the last thing you need to cross out from the list is dates and meetings with friends. Social communication and relationships play an important role in our life and they make our life better and more interesting, full of events. Best friends are a good inspiration for you

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Shopoholism is not a fiction, but in fact an obsession for many people. Especially shopaholics are attracted by sales. Today we want to tell you how not to be hooked by the tricks that marketers have come up with during these sales

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In Internet a very interesting project Makes Me Think was opened, which collects small stories or phrases of ordinary people - about life, death, love, happiness, or sorrow ... about everything!

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The ability to speak convincingly is an art that can be learned. Of course, it’s not enough to have speech to convince millions, but for everyday self-expression is a very important quality for a person

The best car for Women

Women's World Car of the Year is the only world's competition in which women are choosing the best cars and they do it for women


Days like money: if they are not planned, they have the ability to disappear. In order to take control of your time and learn how to manage it, you need to prioritize your duties, and to eliminate the habit of spending time in vain