Arm-wrestling between a man and a woman

Males, unlike females, do not have the second X chromosome which contains genes that protect against various infections. Thanks to the genetic structure, women are easier to tolerate stress, fatigue, hunger. Viability is much higher in women than in men, women’s constitution is much stronger than men’s, but women are weaker in respect of the muscles

Liz Burbo

Each of us wants to be healthy, happy, loved, and rich. Today I want to tell you about one simple method of Canadian woman, which is used by millions of people and who are satisfied with the results. Her idea is that each of us can change your life for the better, and may do it immediately

An owl and a lark

Some of us are ready to get up at the crack of dawn, while others, on the contrary, can’t open their eyes at midday. But each of us knows that the productivity of a person is higher in the morning. That’s why we give you some practical advice how to transform from an owl into the Lark


When you donate money to charity, then, of course, you expect that they will go to charity. But, unfortunately, there is an entire industry called "charity," which masterfully raises money and uses it not on purpose.
Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) with the support of the media Tampa Bay Times and CNN have identified 50 Worst Charities of America, which in the last ten years spent more than a billion dollars on administrative costs


Summer is in full swing and many people buy sunscreen to protect themselves and their families. But it should be noted that new rules on labeling of sunscreens have come in force, which are really positive for consumers

Photo of an excellent speaker

1. Say "and" instead of "but" because "but" negates everything that has been said up to this, including the facts that were good.
Do not use rough "No", because your negative tone can negatively affect your companion

Acros Fukuoka

EMPORIS Company has named 5 the most brilliant examples of eco-architecture. These buildings are masterpieces of landscape architecture

A man with lots of ideas

The world is full of useless things, on the creation of which was spent a lot of time, effort and money.
But there are still things on the creation of which scientists are still struggling.

1. A device that records dreams