The Best Restaurant

The best restaurant in the world in 2013 according to Restaurant magazine has been chosen the Catalan restaurant Celler de Can Roca, which is located in the Spanish province of Girona. 

Catalan restaurant that belongs to brothers Joan, Jose and Jordi Roca took on the Danish restaurant Noma, which three years in a row was the leader of this list.


Citigroup Company has conducted a study in order to identify the most suitable for life cities by 2025. 

So, which cities in 2025 will show the most explosive growth - both quantitatively and qualitatively?

12. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
The second largest city in Brazil is known not only for its favelas and the fact that for two centuries it had been the capital of the country, but also this city is growing faster than many other cities in the region. According to Citi, by 2025, it will enter the list of the largest and most successful cities in the world.

A vegetarian sandwich

Lacto vegetarianism is a popular nutritional system nowadays. It is a certain type of vegetarianism, which allows the eat milk products, excluding rennet fats and dairy products, which include gelatin, such as yogurt. 

Central in the lacto vegetarianism is the principle of humane treatment of animals, only those products that are obtained by non-violent are used in the ration.

Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila

Statistic says that just 43, or 3%, of the world’s billionaires are single. Only 25 of those singles are men under the age of 60. Here is the list of the world’s 12 most eligible billionaire bachelors. 

Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila
Age: 36
Net worth: $11.7 billion
Country: Columbia
Young, dashing and Harvard-educated, he owns one of the world's largest beer fortunes and the private Caribbean island of Baru.

Hugh Jackman

If you think that these lady killers were attractive in their youth, you may be very wrong. Experts say that with age they look much better, they become sexy and attractive. 

Hugh Jackman, 44
Jackman is a triple threat: he can act, sing and dance. So it is no surprise that he won his first Oscar for the role of Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables." He is also known for his role of the superhero Wolverine in "X-Men: Days of future past."

A thief

When times get tough, the criminals do not disdain anything. Nowadays detergents, hay and even teeth are popular among criminals.

Prolonged economic downturn makes criminals think creatively. Why steal such things as jewelry and luxury cars?

The good news is that the economy is improving, and maybe people will not commit crime. Experts say that in times of high unemployment the level of material thefts and other crimes is raised.

Dog Training

Every dog owner wants his dog to be the best behaved dog in the world, he wants a dog not to have bad habits and listen on every command. Here are some training tips that every dog owner should know. 

Socialize your dog as often as possible, and start to do it when he is small. By socialization we mean a walk outside your community and neighboring, meeting new people and situations. There is no such a thing as over-socialization.

A Clock

1. Spend time with your child. 
Don’t just sit with your child, actively play with him. Spend together these precious moments. Play with your baby, because every minute is priceless for both of you.

2. Get ready for an interesting evening
Think in advance how you want to spend this evening. Book a ticket or find a movie you want to watch, sign up for Thai massage. To cut a long story short, tastes differ but there are so many interesting ways to spend your evening.