Most stressed-out countries

Experts of the Bloomberg agency made up a rating of 74 countries whose citizens are more often experience stress.

It should be said that the first places, as it was expected, took the states that suffer from armed conflict, or those that are considered to be less economically developed.

The rating was focused on such social and economic indicators such as the number of murders per 100,000 people, the size of the GDP, corruption indicators, the level of social inequality of the population and the level of air pollution in these countries, and in addition experts took into account the average life expectancy.

The first place in this ranking received Nigeria, which by all indicators received 70.1 points.

The second place in the list received South Africa with 70 points. These countries are followed by El Salvador, Mongolia, Guatemala, Colombia, Pakistan, Jamaica, Macedonia and Bolivia.

It should also be said that the countries that received more than 50 points are Iran, Venezuela, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fourteenth place in the list received India with 48, 9 points, the fifteenth place Egypt - 46.3 points and the seventeenth place took Brazil with 45.3 points.

Speaking of Russia, it received the 25-th place and is situated close to Indonesia and Bulgaria.

As expected, the countries with the lowest levels of stress are economically developed countries and in a global economy play not the last role.

Less stressful countries are Norway with 5.4 points, Luxembourg - 7.1 points and Switzerland - 9.2 points.

In addition, countries with low stress level are the U.S. - 25, 7 points, United Kingdom - 24.6 points, France - 22.8 points and Germany with 16, 6 points.

М. Petrova