A housewife in a clean kitchen

Each of us likes to live in a clean and tidy surrounding, but when it comes to the very cleaning, and then few people like to do it. We present 10 ways to make the cleaning of the house easier.

1. Start your cleaning of the kitchen from the stove. Stove should be the last item in the kitchen that you clean. Usually the stove is the dirtiest place in the kitchen, and this trick will help you to keep it clean for longer.

2. Be sure to use special chemicals to clean the drain basin. After all, the drain hole contains even more bacteria than a toilet.

3. Do not use paper towels in the kitchen, better buy a special cloth made of microfiber, which clean the surfaces greatly and at the same time disinfect them.

4. There are lots of bacteria on the sponge for washing dishes, but you can disinfect it in a conventional microwave oven. Experts advise to do it every night.

5. Use lemon oil two times a month on the glass in the bathroom in order to keep it clean. Wipe a teaspoon of lemon oil on the glass, and it will remain transparent for a long time.

6. House cleaning should be done from top to the bottom, floors and carpets should be the last ones you will begin to clean up.

7. Keep the brush with the handle down; this will help to save the surface of the brush.

8. Almost all the clothes can be washed in cold or warm water. But the bed linen and towels are recommended to wash at a maximum temperature, which allows the fabric.

9. Washed clothes should be taken from the washing machine as soon as possible, because otherwise it will be attacked by the malicious moisture loving bacteria.

10. Vacuuming or mopping the floor is recommended to start from the farthest corner of the room; it will not leave marks on the surface.

Good luck with your cleaning and let your house always shine with cleanliness and order.

М. Petrova